Grampa’s Sauces have a grass roots history all their own from humble beginnings at local BBQ’s and Fish Frys.



You have to go back 30 years to find the start of Grampa’s BBQ Sauce. Carefully perfected and created in small batches, Grampa’s BBQ Sauce became known as the secret sauce with the big flavor.  He guarded his secret so tightly he refused to share it with his own sister. Enjoy this delightfully bold flavor.



Grampa wasn’t satisfied with the “standard” tartar sauce that was available. He created a better sauce and soon people began to come just for the sauce and asked for “extra sauce”.  Being a generous fellow he obliged. Fast forward just a bit, Grampa noticed that people were asking for more Tartar sauce than fish and he realized they were taking it home for later and sharing it with friends. Finally someone asked if he bottled it and the light bulb went on. Now you too can enjoy this superior tartar sauce on fish, fries and whatever you please.


My sauces are my pride and joy. Making every batch from scratch for over 30 years, I’ve perfected and guarded my secret recipes so closely I wouldn’t even share them with family. Using no preservatives, fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients, my sauces are bursting with flavor from days gone by. Now everyone can enjoy my grille sauces! -Grampa